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The Core Feature of UAd Exchange


Monetize Easily Your Website

For you who have website(s) and want to monetize easily, you can register your websites to u-ad.info for FREE. Create your ads space in your own website, attach our scripts, and you are completely done. The ads will be randomatically shown in your websites according your website profile, website audience, and website ranking. Whenever a visitor clicks or sees the ads, you will receive your U-Ad points that you can redeem any time.


Submit Your Ads and Relax

This is the good news for advertiser. You need to learn and find your ads place ment to the right media that have the right target audiences for NO MORE. If you advertise with us, you just need to submit your ads, make some ads campaigns based on your budget and target audience profile, and finally you just sit and relax. U-Ad will take rest of the jobs to automate the ads publishing distribution.


Define Your Target Audiance

You can specify your ads target audience since they are your potential market for your products. Whether you want to campaign your ads in specific region or spe cific gender. Even if you want your ads to be displayed in specific gadgets (An droid, Blackberry, iPhone) or in PCs, you can easily define it with our easy-to-use campaign configuration tools.


Learn Your Trend and Statistic

As an advertiser, you can learn your ads campaign trends and statistics. Whether it meets your target or specifically meets your product's sales target, you can easily get kind of that informations from your dashboard. Special for U-Ad publishers who registered their website with us, you can get your own 'Google Analytics' for FREE which will provide your visitor profiles, website ranks, famous pages, key words, and much more.

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